College Curling:

Below is a list of information regarding college curling with the Syracuse University Curling Club. We invite all members to participate in as many of these opportunities as they wish.

College Curling Tour:

The Syracuse University Curling Club is proud to participate in the United States Curling Association's College Curling Tour. Here, members can play in bonspiels (tournaments), head-to-head matches with local schools, and possibly travel with the club to the College Curling National Championships. Other participating schools include, but are not limited to: Colgate University, Cornell University, Hamilton College, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY-Polytechnic, and Yale University. Check the Calendar for the weekends that we will be travelling to bonspiels.


College Curling Program:

The Syracuse University Curling Club is proud to be a part of the Utica Curling Club's College Curling Program. Here, members can develop their skills as a curler with certified curling instructors, play scrimmage curling games, and play in head-to-head matches if they wish to participate in the College Curling Tour. The College Curling Program meets on Sunday afternoons/evenings at the Utica Curling Club (round-trip transportation is provided). Check the Calendar for the times that the College Curling Program takes place, as well as travel details for each College Curling Session.